Artemis Alum Seraphie Allen Comes Back to Coach


This year, Seraphie Allen has returned to Artemis as the new coach alongside Sara Stratton. Allen graduated from Lewis & Clark in 2015 with an English major and Gender Studies minor. Currently, Allen is working in the Portland Mayor’s Office as an assistant for policy community and affairs. Outside of work, Allen plays ultimate frisbee in the Portland area.

“I’m part of a leadership crew for one of the Portland women’s teams that plays in the summer months, Portland IVY,” Allen said. “We’re getting started with that and we’re having a combine, a joint tryout with the two Portland women’s teams Schwa and IVY coming up the first weekend of April. I’m really feeling excited for what kind of women are going to come out of the woodwork for this year.”

As a student, Allen started her athletic career as a member of the LC women’s basketball team. But after becoming an RA her Sophomore year, Allen stopped playing basketball because of the large time commitment and was in search of a sport that could fit into her busy schedule. It wasn’t until Allen’s junior year that she started playing ultimate frisbee on Artemis.

“I loved the team aspect [of Artemis], but it also allowed for flexibility with my schedule,” Allen said. “I also really sought for more competitiveness within the team. I was frustrated with where our level was at. So sometimes I found that challenging and that’s why I love coming back to coach this year. We’ve grown so much and being able to see that competitive level like increase has been great, while also still having the really awesome things like Artemis dance parties in timeouts and stuff.”

At first, Allen was reluctant to take the job as coach since she still knew many of the players on the team. However, Artemis seems to be working well with Allen. Dorcy Jaffray ’17, co-captain of Artemis, believes that Seraphie is a great new asset to the team.

“It’s been really good,” Jaffray said. “She works very well with the head coach Sara who’s been doing it for three years. Their skills balance each other out which is great and Seraphie has had teaching experience and has been coaching a lot of teams in the last two years since she has graduated. She really knows how to communicate with the players, how to be super clear and how to keep very focused and competitive herself. She pushes us a lot which I think is good, but she’s also like approachable. A lot of the players from what I’ve heard aren’t afraid to you know go and ask her for advice or opinion or just talk to her in general which is a really good quality that she has.”

Allen has a lot of new goals for Artemis, including being more competitive and focused. Sometimes it’s difficult for the players to focus since everyone is friends with each other, but Allen is striving to make practice a time for staying focused and being dedicated to learning and enhancing new skills and techniques.

“Once we’re able to focus and play in a game it’ll make us much bigger competitors,” Allen said. “So when were playing and the disc is dropped and turned over we’re not just playing and waiting for the other team to get a handle on it. Instead, we’re already going as opposed to being used to and creating habits that aren’t necessary as great for when we’re in games. So I think that the biggest goal I have is for us is to increase our focus and efficiency in practice so that it reflects into our game readiness level.”

For Allen, the new position as coach has been a positive one. As a coach for Artemis, Allen enjoys getting to see people grow and succeed.

“I just was excited to be able to come back and help put back into a program something that I gained a lot from like a literal skill from,” Allen said. “So that’s been very rewarding to be able to give that to people from what I was given, especially like female coaches around the area.”


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