Crime in Review

Reported crimes at Lewis & Clark College for the 2016 calendar year are down nearly 8 percent. The college continues to maintain a downward trend in alcohol and marijuana related referrals.

In January 2017, LC had two reported crimes: one report of computer crime that occurred on Jan. 24, and one report of criminal mischief that occurred on Jan. 28. Comparatively, January of 2016 had four reported crimes: one report of Theft 1, which is the theft of property valued greater than $1,000; two reports of Theft 2, which is the theft of property valued between $100-$1,000; and one report of Theft 3, which is the theft of property valued less than $100.

Some students weren’t aware of the crimes and continue to live their lives in normalcy.

“I wasn’t personally aware of the thefts of last year, so it has no effect on me,” Isaiah Claggett-Singleton ’18 said. “I am not worried about my stuff getting stolen. I wasn’t worried then and I am not worried now.”

“There’s crime on campus already?” Decker O’Donnell ’18 said.

Last year was also a significant year for crime due to the lack of reported hate bias crimes. In 2015, there were two reported hate-bias crimes.

Sex crimes, stalking and dating violence also had zero reported crimes for 2016. In other words, if they occurred, they were not reported through police and campus safety.

In 2016, campus safety also issued less alcohol/marijuana related referrals. In January 2014, there were 24 marijuana and alcohol referrals; January 2015 had ten marijuana and alcohol referrals; January 2016 had eight marijuana and alcohol referrals. Campus safety has yet to release data on January 2017.

The month of February presents a unique situation for crime on campus. For the last three years, February has had the highest reported incidence of marijuana and alcohol referrals. The only month on record to top February is September 2014, when 30 marijuana and alcohol referrals were issued.

“People coping with the cruel reality of being single on Valentine’s Day need something to numb the pain,” Josh Fichera ’18 said. “Marijuana is the closest thing possible to numb that pain.”


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