Senate Meeting

On Feb. 2, the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark Senate passed a resolution in response to President Trump’s executive order on immigration. The Senate also discussed important issues regarding student rights, transportation and the ASLC constitution.

The resolution, calling for the rescission of President Trump’s executive order on immigration, received only minor edits and amendments on the senate floor. After a short discussion of who should receive the resolution, the document was passed unanimously by the Senate.

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee representative briefed the Senate on SAAC’s annual coin drive for the special olympics. Additionally, the SAAC representative reported that the school would rent out sports facilities to other teams for financial security.

Black Student Union representative Michelle Waters ’19 reported the BSU’s efforts to collaborate with the Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement office as well as students at LC. She also discussed hopes for a screening of “Hidden Figures”, a soul-food night at Fields Dining Hall and a ’90s or 2000s themed dance.

In their constituency reports, Senators expressed their concern with the IT department not honoring the Registrar Form for changing pronoun preference.

Senator Zack Johnson reported that he would clarify prices and concerns about summer storage on campus. In addition, Senator Johnson also updated the Senate on the progress of the ad hoc committee to create a committee on diversity. Johnson presented an early draft of the purpose and scope of the committee on diversity.

Another senator expressed the desire by the Student Engagement in Eco-Defense organization to encourage the school to divest from fossil fuels. The Senator explained that it is not a feasible goal for the school to completely divest from all fossil fuels; instead, the College should focus on divesting from environmentally harmful oil and gas practices.

The Senate also discussed constituents’ dismay with the broken vending machines in the library.

There was discussion of legislation concerning the sexual assault policy for the College. Natalie Souders ’19 focused the discussion around putting a notation at the bottom of perpetrators’ transcripts. Senator Souders has been in conversation with Associate Director for Health Promotion and Sexual Assault Response Network Coordinator Melissa Osmond.

In the Cabinet, Student Organizations Committee Coordinator Alden Chatfield ’18 reported the start of allocations for student organizations is underway.

Faculty advisor and director of the Student Leadership and Service organization Harold McNaron commended the Senate on their choice to address current issues in national politics by passing the resolution calling for the rescission of President Trump’s executive order on immigration.



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