ASLC Update: October 21-27

The Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) have been busy facilitating and implementing new campus-wide projects, such as the Safe Ride Program and a survey titled “How to Make LC Better,” in order to further diversify and maintain a safe space for the LC community.

Although the Constitutional Affairs Committee (CAC) and Student Advisory Team (StAT) have only had one meeting this semester, they have already laid out some plans for this academic year. CAC must ensure that all ASLC governing documents are up-to-date weekly. The members of CAC will work hard this year to assist any Senator or representative with formatting bills or resolutions, especially as ASLC has no returning Senators this year. Also, for the first time, the Judiciary will have a student union representative; this will increase diversity in the Judiciary as the Judiciary provides the final word in governing decisions, authority, and the allocation processes.

This year, ASLC Chief Justice Jiayan Sheng ’18 has a very different vision for StAT, such as trying to pay more close attention to the need of marginalized groups. There are some new programs coming up, and StAT will work as a team to create a template for writing conduct appeals.

“StAT will have language advisors for students who need special assistance when it comes to making sense of the code of conduct or conduct appeals,” Sheng said. “We will even develop pamphlets and educational materials to clarify conduct processes. These materials will be translated into Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, and French for AES students.”

According to Vice President Nick LeSage ’17, ASLC is moving toward forming a Diversity Committee based on the Resolution of Commitment to a Student Diversity Committee passed last year.

“It is likely that an ad hoc committee will [form], which will be dedicated to creating the structure and purpose of the ASLC Diversity Committee,” LeSage said.  

Community Service and Relations Committee Chair Miranda Mora ’19 says ASLC is working diligently on various projects. Pios for Pios, a student-led effort that seeks to complement existing financial assistance, has been collecting more money than expected with its two tabling sessions. They are expecting to do some more sessions during the Holidays as well as bring some festive spirit to campus. Furthermore, the Finance Committee is currently approving new grants and reimbursements.

ASLC is up and running [and] we have had three Senate meetings,” Mora said. “[This] makes us really happy since students’ issues can be finally discussed and followed up at the [meetings]. [We] encourage students to approach us with any concerns they might have.”  

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