A dance playlist for your election blues

We’re going to dance. We’re going to dance so much, you’ll get bored of dancing.

If you haven’t heard, America is suffering from a presidential election right now. It’s been a doozy and we’re still in the throes of it, hacking up some pretty vile stuff and counting the days until we can get this out of our system once and for all. The only cure right now is to dance! Like the grumpy parents from “Footloose,” we’re going to lose the blues by jamming out to an eclectic election-themed playlist. If you already can’t wait for 2020 when we either have Kanye West running the whole election or we all feel the Bern again, this playlist can at least get you through the next 20 minutes.

Ella Fitzgerald – “Vote for Mr. Rhythm”

Something jazzy to get us all in the swing of things.

James Brown- “Funky President (People It’s Bad)”

This election has been far too funky in too many ways.

Lesley Gore- “It’s My Party”

How the Republicans must feel about their own party right now.

Janet Jackson- “Nasty”

Something for all of you nasty women to listen to while voting. Fun fact: Spotify tweeted that the number of listens to this track went up 250 percent the day after the third presidential debate. Madame President, if you’re nasty.

Beyoncé- “Run the World (Girls)”

We’ll just throw this one in there based on current polling predictions.

Run the Jewels- “Scenes”

Bernie Sanders introduced Run the Jewels playing their new track at Coachella this year. Killer Mike and Bernie are good friends, according to Bernie himself.

Somebody’s Sister- “American Dream”

What? Green Party Candidate Jill Stein was in a ’90s folk band and they have this heartfelt attempt at a get-out-the-vote anthem and the album just happened to have the most ’90s name ever, “Circuits to the Sun?” Yes, please.  

White Stripes- “Seven Nation Army”

Donald Trump got in serious trouble with The White Stripes when he played this song before his rallies to pump up supporters without their permission. Now they sell shirts on their website that say, “Icky Trump.”

Green Day- “American Idiot”

Just listen one more time. You know you missed it. Shhhhh.

Bonus Round!

These tracks aren’t available on Spotify, but they are worth every second of your extra searching on Youtube.

Bernie Sanders- “This Land Is Your Land”

The man himself recorded this, and it will make you tear up all over again when you think back to the good old days of a potential Sanders ticket.

Beyoncé- “Formation”

Finally, can we all take a moment to remember that there is more than one lady with hot sauce in her bag? When Clinton restated this election cycle that she carries around bottles of hot sauce in her purse, she was accused of using a reference to the Beyoncé song, “Formation” to pander to African-American voters. Some expert fact-checking going back to the ’90s revealed that the former first lady was indeed known for traveling with a small bottle on her. However, fact-checking could not determine if she had swag as well.

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