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Campus Living makes storage wars a reality for LC students

WHEN COMING BACK to campus, there are always new changes to adjust to: working with new students as they become acquainted with the flow of things, a modification of dining options, changes to the Pioneer Express Shuttle or new faculty to name a few. While I’ve talked about those infamous shuttle changes before, today I am discussing that email many of you probably remember receiving prior to the start of the semester. The email in question stated that students would no longer be able to store their personal belongings on campus over summer break.

Upon reading this, I know that I thought, “What,” – only, it was the “W-A-T” what. Then the email went on to inform us that we had already been previously informed about this change. At that, my eye twitched in annoyance. “Oh, ho ho,” I thought, “We most certainly were not.”
Needless to say, this, like the Pio Shuttle changes, peeves me for several reasons.

1. The school acted like we had been warned.

No. No we were not. While you could possibly argue that this pre-semester email could serve as a warning, it is not exactly a timely one, especially for those who will be going abroad this spring. On principle, this fact possibly irks me more than anything else about this situation.

2. This could potentially be of great inconvenience to students.

This is particularly true for students who live across the country or even overseas. I myself only live down in California (like virtually every other LC student), and I’m already trying to sort out how or where I am going to be storing my belongings before I go abroad next semester, and then home for the summer. I am weighing the cost of storage spaces off-campus against the cost of shipping everything home. But even if I were to store off-campus, I would create another problem.

3. Access to alternative off-campus storage facilities

Like most LC students, and essentially every freshman, I do not have a car on campus. This severely limits options off-campus. Even if you have a friend who has a vehicle, they would have to be willing and able to help you pack up, all while they’re dealing with their own move-out and finals. Then, you’d also have to coordinate for the semester when you come back to campus.

No matter what, it almost seems impossible to avoid a hefty cost that we have never had to account for in an already increasing tuition. Yes, there are the pods that are dropped on campus that students can pay for, but again, that is at a cost. Campus Living has also said that there will be minimal exceptions (namely for International students), but space is still limited and there will still be a charge; there is still no word on what exactly the nature of this limited storage will be, nor what it will cost you.

And the reason for this change? Simply put, the school no longer wants to pay to store its own belongings off campus. After they already raised tuition again. Perhaps this speaks to how desperately LC needs donations (which I wholeheartedly support). That is, that they are cutting the budget of paying for storage, and continue to increase tuition.

I cannot say for certain, of course, but in the meantime, you better start figuring out where you’re going to be putting all of your crap come the end of the semester or school year. Because it’s not going to be in your hall’s storage room any longer.

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