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ASLC update: SOC appeals starting

ASLC IS CURRENTLY getting into the flow of things now that Senate and its committees are formed. Student Organizations Coordinator (SOC) Alden Chatfield ’19 is attending to the clubs funding appeals process. According to him, several student organizations have already submitted their appeals ahead of the Oct. 12 deadline.

ASLC President Adam Fractor ’17 has said that Cabinet meetings are going well. They have been able to keep the meeting times short while also being very productive. As for Senate meetings, Fractor thinks Vice President Nick LeSage’s facilitating style is a welcomed change to Senate and he looks forward to seeing how the meetings progress over the course of the semester.

“The only major reform within ASLC at the moment is the creation of a diversity committee,” Fractor said. “Last year, Senate passed a resolution asking for the creation of a diversity committee within ASLC. The committee chair will be a Cabinet-level position, and we hope to get that up and running by next semester.”

ASLC will hold their third Senate meeting on Oct. 20. Senate meetings are held every Thursday. They welcome all LC students to come and join their discussions.


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