ASLC to promote inclusion in the student political process

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By GELSEY PLAZA /// Senior Staff Writer

THE ASSOCIATED Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) aspires to represent the students on campus. For the 2016-2017 school year, ASLC is working on launching a Safe Ride program.  This program will be designed to help LC students who are in an unsafe situation have access to a safe ride back to campus.

ASLC will also launch a diversity committee this year, which initially began as a resolution passed in Senate last spring. The chair of the diversity committee will be a Cabinet-level position, ands the committee will allow ASLC to share a better representative voice on campus.  LC can look forward to ASLC implementing new projects as the year progresses.

ASLC President Adam Fractor ’17 hopes to improve ASLC’s relations with students, foster better relationships between ASLC and student unions on campus, expand the student philanthropy program Pioneers for Pioneers and assess the viability of a campus shuttle to Sellwood in Southeast Portland.

Regarding the upcoming Senate elections, Fractor thinks ASLC will have an easier time filling seats since Senate reduced the number of seats per cohort from six to three.

“This increased competition will make students more aware of who their Senators are, since students running for Senate will likely have to campaign harder,” Fractor said. “This election will be interesting, and I am excited to see how it plays out.”

ASLC Community Service and Relations Coordinator Miranda Mora ’19 seeks to enhance and enlighten the potential for connections to flourish on campus.  She hopes to create meaningful connections between students and ASLC, students and the administration, and between students and the Portland community.

As Coordinator, Mora would like to see a campus where spaces for discussion of ideas and actions are available to students and organizations.

“[LC] is known for being a school that promotes community and interdependence among students,” Mora said. “A well functioning community can only exist if connections are built on the basis of effective communication and meaningful reliance on each other’s potential. I want us to be able to function as a community that relies on each other’s potential to achieve safe and productive environments of conversation and growth.”

ASLC Student Organizations Coordinator Alden Chatfield ’19 is actively correcting several systemic inefficiencies within the committee. Last year, the committee met weekly despite having only two real concerns: appeals and allocations. Under Chatfield’s guidance, the committee has restructured to meet once every two weeks this year. They will work throughout the year to help student organizations achieve better money management techniques.

Chatfield emphasizes that the goal of ASLC has always been to advocate for the students.  He hopes ASLC will have a positive, productive year. 

“Under Adam [Fractor]’s administration, with a streamlined Senate and [with] the evolving power of student union representatives, I am confident that we will see a transformative year for the student government,” Chatfield said.

ASLC Director of Elections Elisha Stevens ’19 aims to increase voter turnout.  She hopes that a lot of advertising, posters, and tabling sessions will do the trick.  As this is Stevens’ first year as an ASLC member she is excited to learn about how things work.

Stevens is also confident that Senate seats will be better occupied this year.

“I think Senate Elections will go well,” Stevens said. “I’m optimistic that we’ll find enough candidates for each cohort, as well as get the voter turnout up.”

The ASLC Cabinet has positive goals for this school year.  They are working consistently to provide LC with better communication platforms, effective resources and a more diverse community. 

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