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Portland man worries about size of Trump’s appendages

By Leslie Muir /// Opinions Editor

Over the past two weeks, an issue of national concern has been raised regarding Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and the size of his hands. Portland resident Henry Kraemer believes that not enough action has been taken to stop Trump’s supposed lies about the issue.

“Trump had the audacity to look the American public in the eye and lie about the size of his hands, and that was crossing one bridge too many,” Kraemer said during a phone interview.

Kraemer and a group of other self-professed concerned citizens have chosen to challenge Trump over the claims that there is “no problem” with the size of his hands, as he was quoted saying during a Republican Presidential Candidate Debate on March 3. In direct response to Trump’s guarantee that his hands are normal in size, Kraemer has created the Donald Trump Has Tiny Hands Political Action Committee (PAC) with the intention of getting Trump to acknowledge the purported lie.

“We want him to come clean about the actual measurement of his hands,” Kraemer said, suggesting that his PAC intends to air television ads in order to get their message out to other “patriotic Americans.”

The size of Trump’s hands has been debated for decades, beginning in the eighties when the publication, Spy Magazine, first suggested the idea that Trumps hands were excessively small. With the front-running presidential candidate stating once again that his hands are not little, Kraemer has jumped into action to attempt to correct what he sees as a long-standing error. As the general election draws closer, Kraemer worries about the impact this lie will have on the country if Trump were to reach office.

“Are his hands big enough to shake the hands of foreign dignitaries? I don’t know. Are his fingers long enough to hold a pen to sign bills into law? I just don’t know,” Kraemer said. He hopes that through television ads and a continued public campaign to get Trump to release the actual measurement of his hands, the issue can be put to rest.

Lewis & Clark student Drew Matlovsky ’18 had similar concerns for the presidential candidate.

“I’ve heard that the average hand size for men is four to six inches and it is important to know how Donald Trump stacks up,” Matlovsky said.

Kramer’s PAC is currently collecting donations in order to fund the continued pressuring of Trump to release these official measurements. The Donald Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC is fairly small on the scale of political movements currently happening during this election cycle.

LC Political Science Professor Ellen Seljan believes that this PAC is a symptom of a larger movement.

“This PAC speaks to the astronomical rise in expenditures we see in elections since the Citizens United Act of 2010 that allowed donations to PACs without much restrictions,” Seljan said.

This official PAC is currently raising funds in small donations through its website,, and Kraemer intends to use these donations to get the message to a wider audience of voters. The most important person to reach, according to Kraemer, is Donald Trump himself.

“We believe Trump is terrified of us,” Kraemer added. Trump has yet to acknowledge the newly founded PAC despite it receiving national news attention and what Kraemer calls a daily communication with the Trump campaign. When reached out to for comment about the new PAC, Trump’s campaign had not responded to The Pioneer Log as of presstime.

“We do hope Trump begins talking soon. This farce has gone on too long,” concluded Kraemer.

On March 14, the FEC ordered Kraemer to change the name of the PAC. It is now called Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands.

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