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Athlete of the Month: Lizy Moretti ’19


Lizy Moretti ’19 began playing golf at  the age of four. One of four kids, her  dad wanted a kid who excelled at golf  and saw her as his last hope. As she finishes  her first golf season as a Lady Pio, her dad  should be proud. Not only has her passion  and love for the sport grown, her skill has  as well.

Moretti attended an all-girl’s school and  grew up always competing against men’s  teams instead of other women. She attributes this aspect of her golf career as providing her with an environment that taught  her about healthy competition and how  to succeed. Throughout high school, she  and her team continued to break records  and compete at the national level year after year. Moretti competed in the Rhode  Island Division I State Championships all  four years and was lucky enough to qualify  for the New England Championships her  junior and senior year.

An accomplished golfer, she decided to  forgo Division I athletics, feeling she would  be able to improve her game more in a Division III setting.

“Golf is a game that you get better and  better at as you age,” Moretti says. “When  I was being recruited, Coach Andrews  seemed so passionate about building up  the team and I was excited to become a part  of that, to continue improving every season  as I was accustomed to in high school.”

Though golf is an individual sport,  Moretti sees herself as a team player. At  practice, she loves to work on her swing,  but says, “I do what I can to help the team.  I try to get my game where it needs to be so  we can be successful as a whole.” She was  overwhelmed by how welcoming the entire team was to the first-year players and  wants to do what she can to keep the great  team dynamic that has been set in place.  Moretti also comments on the relationship  between the men’s and women’s teams, “… we practice together, which makes for a  great time not only at practice but on the  course.”

When Moretti prepares for a golf match,  she likes to focus on the mental aspect of  the game instead of the physical skill. If  she can’t mentally prepare herself, she relies on her teammates’ encouraging words  to “build her up.” Though she refers to  golf as a mental game, Moretti knows she  wouldn’t be where she is without hard work  and dedication, stating “practice is key.”

This season, Moretti has placed consistently in the top 40 at each tournament.  She has been shooting in the lower 90s  and her game has been improving at each match. Moretti hopes to play golf all four  years in college, as well as implementing  golf and athletics into a future career, explaining “I would love to intern at Titleist  or Nike. It’s all a dream, but who knows  what will happen?!”


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