Agnes Azria (‘19) of the radio show Agnasty poses for photos in the KLC Radio studio. Tune in on Wednesdays from 10 pm-11 pm to hear some funky tunes that will get you grooving.

It just got weirder: KLC offers a diverse cast of new shows

It’s hard to walk through campus on any given day without getting turned on to at least one band you probably haven’t heard of. Lewis & Clark is teeming with students who are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about a variety of topics not just limited to music, and beginning this week many of those students will be finding a new outlet for their voices. KLC Radio, Lewis & Clark’s student-run radio station, began streaming this past Monday as over 60 shows settle into their recently assigned timeslots.

KLC Radio streams online at klcradio. com 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Much of this time is taken up by students’ live broadcasts, with almost every show on the air filling an hour-long window. Students exercise complete creative control over their programs, and now that the radio season is beginning, the DJs have begun planning their shows.

“I want to play some German artists,” says Zoe Harrington, one of the hosts of “When the Shit Hits the Fan.” “My idea is just to have different genres, [or] a different topic every week.”

Mack Kirkpatrick, whose show “Stank Weasel” begins on Friday, has a similar plan for the structure of his program. “I’m gonna switch it up and try and do something kinda new each week. I want to do a day where it’s just guilty pleasure music; I think that’d be super fun.”

A wide range of interests and musical tastes are represented through KLC, and, as freshman Will Sarvis explains, this provides plenty of opportunities to “support friends and hear about good music.”

“I’ve committed to full tuning in,” agrees freshman Andrew Ferris. “I wanna hear and learn about good music.” With shows ranging from “The Morrissey You, The More I Love You” to “Death Therapy,” this semester’s radio season promises a diverse and entertaining listening experience.

Jack Marchesi, host of the appropriately named “Across the Board,” has big plans for his Tuesday night slot: “I’ll announce before the show what the genre is gonna be… I’m gonna have a chopped ‘n’ screwed night… I’ll have a stoner metal night for sure.”

Whether or not the prospect of an exclusively- stoner metal show sounds appealing to you, there are few better places to absorb Lewis & Clark students’ knowledge than through KLC Radio. Get online, tune in, and, as one student puts it, Rock Out With Your Spock Out.

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