Senior Art Show Opening

Senior Art Show 5

By Julia Stevens /// Staff Writer

March 3rd was a big day for senior Studio Art majors because it meant an opportunity to showcase their work in the Hoffman Gallery. The 22 artists exhibited works of various mediums– ceramics, sculpture, photography, drawing, and painting, just to name a few– while gallery-goers munched on hors d’oeuvres as they conversed with the talented artists about their conceptually complex and visually stunning works.

Senior Art Show 10

Many consider the senior art show opening their favorite art event of the year– and for good reason. The gallery walls are filled with works that reflect these students’ artistic development throughout their time at Lewis & Clark. For many art majors, this event marks the pinnacle of their artistic careers so far. The multiple years spent preparing for the event are evident in the fine-tuned compositions, but the works still maintain a raw reflection of the artists’ unique voices.

Senior Art Show 3


Senior Art Show 6

I was genuinely inspired by how every project represented an artist who thought outside the box. Pieces were hung from the ceiling, laid out on the floor, distributed casually on a table, and even spinning and flashing. Some were constructed from packing tape, fishing line weights, or dust bunnies. The artists exceeded typical standards of construction and created entirely innovative pieces. Looking around at the impressive pieces made me realize that the materials used to create and display a work are just as important as the final product.

Senior Art Show 8

Senior Art Show 2

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the art opening, the show will continue to be on exhibit in the Hoffman Gallery for the remainder of the semester. Be sure to make time to check it out!

Senior Art Show 4

Senior Art Show 1

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