LC Art Collective Presents : Eunice Poole Correspondence

By The LC Art Collective 

Heard of us? Probably not but we exist, I swear! We are the Lewis & Clark Art Collective, a horizontally lead collective focusing on use of artistic mediums of communication.

Perhaps you’ve noticed some of that art hung up in the Bon. That was us. We have a lot of other crazy ideas too, but we are also curious about your ideas. Broadly speaking, our goal is to act as a conduit, an organized and officially recognized (yet casually operated) go-between for community artists and the College. We want to encourage artistic expression and communication in all forms and forums.

Do you consider yourself an artist? Do you like to make pinecone mandalas? Screen print T-shirts and textiles? Take photos? Make sculptures? Secretly do performance art? Draw wonky pictures with multi-colored pencils?

If you do any of these things, or express yourself in any other way and want to share, you should contact the LC Art Collective. We have access to numerous locations throughout campus and are committed to working with the artist to portray their work in whatever manner they choose. Beyond that, if you’d like to join the collective, or just have some questions and want to hear what we are about, feel free to email a member and come to our next meeting. I hope you’re all aware of the shining, shimmering, highly anticipated event that is happening the first week back from spring break—-LC Art Week. The week-long festivities will include a student art show– “For Your Pleasure,” exhibiting work by you and (probably) your friends, a magical black-box theater cave in Watzek library all week, an art minor show, and many uniquely exciting workshops with artists from on and off campus. Look out for special events, such as an artist talk and movie screening with media archaeologist Stephen Slapp, a zine workshop, a panel on innovations in the media arts, and musical performances by Michael Hurley and Good Enough For Grandpa.

If any of these things tickle your fancy, look around campus for Art Week posters and check out LC Art Week on Facebook to get an exact schedule. Hope to see you there! I don’t want you feeling like a square when the week passes you by and your friends ask, “You didn’t participate in Art Week? That’s beyond the pale.”

Meetings are on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in Juniper but are subject to change. Contact, or

Blessings & Soft Stools,

Eunice Poole

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