A Dog Day Afternoon: Elizabeth Bennett & Rhubarb

dog 3 3:18:15

By Katie Naphas /// Features Editor and Julie Oatfield /// Staff Writer

International Affairs professor Elizabeth Bennett usually deals with issues on a global scale. However, she took a short break to talk about her dog, Rhubarb.

PioLog: How did you and Rhubarb first meet?

Elizabeth Bennett: Rhubarb and I have been together since she was six weeks old. We met in Montana and have been partners in crime ever since.

PL: You’re partners in crime, but has she ever done something criminal, like steal food? Any foods that she just can’t resist?

EB: All food is good food, really … but she has a special affinity for cheese. One Christmas she devoured a very nice wheel of La Tur in a single bite. Santa brought coal that year.

PL: So, Santa’s in her life. As far as other beliefs go, does she have any political affiliations?

EB: Although Rhubarb hates politics, she would like to see our mailman in public office. She believes door-to-door biscuit delivery is the way of the future, and thinks Paul and the other USPS carriers in our neighborhood have really nailed it.

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PL: [laughs] She’s a big fan of Paul. Does she have any crushes? Another mail carrier?

EB: Pio! She and the mascot have yet to meet, but his photo was once pinned up near her dog bed. His fame is intimidating, but she thinks they could at least be good friends.

PL: Definitely. Does she have any favorite spots on campus?

EB: Nothing beats a soak in the fountain between Bio-Psych and JR Howard Hall.

PL: She’s actually currently wet from swimming in there. Do you have a favorite memory together?

EB: When I got married, she walked me up the trail to our wedding. She was only two months old, so she was tiny and the hike was exhausting! When we arrived at the top she curled up in the wildflowers and slept through the ceremony.

PL: Anything else you or she want us to know?

EB: Rhubarb has been delighted to join the Lewis & Clark community. Her favorite part of coming to campus is stealing frisbees in front of Watzek and bringing her stuffed lobster. She thinks that more students should take time to rub her belly, and hopes that someone will launch an on-campus bacon business.

dog 3:18:15

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