An insider’s perspective of Lewis & Clark’s 2015 Battle of the Bands

Photos by Sterling Stoll

By Jeremy Bacharach /// Staff Writer

I never expected to find myself at a school event so late on a Saturday evening. On the evening of March 7, the opening act of the Lewis & Clark’s Battle of the Bands walked on stage. The crowd was slow to start and I began to hear whispers of other activities and events going on. But soon an influx of students arrived and Stamm seemed to have a crowd, possibly the biggest crowd for LC’s Battle of the Bands in a long while.

All the students seemed excited for the music and acts; their faces were twitching to dance. As the night went on, droves of students would vote for their favorite bands (even if they hadn’t played yet) by dropping a ticket in the designated “band bucket.”

Every artist played their heart out and every audience member danced until their faces melted off. The energy was high and the room warm —  it seemed like any of the acts could have won. Though Collin McDuffie (‘16) sang his heart out, though Sweet Beets played some killer jazz, and even though The Goddamn Band played sweet, melodic, honey-like nostalgia, Happy Dagger and ^ [Straight Up Carrot] prevailed. As the guitarist of ^ and first-time Battle of the Bands contestant, I was pleasantly surprised to have won with Happy Dagger.

The end of the event resulted in a hot, sweaty mess that everyone seemed to enjoy, possibly making this musical mêlée one of the most successful Battle of the Bands at LC.

BattleOfTheBandsfinal13 BattleOfTheBandsfinal12 BattleOfTheBandsfinal11 BattleOfTheBandsfinal10 BattleOfTheBandsfinal9 BattleOfTheBandsfinal8 BattleOfTheBandsfinal7 BattleOfTheBandsfinal6 BattleOfTheBandsfinal5 BattleOfTheBandsfinal4 BattleOfTheBandsfinal3 BattleOfTheBandsfinal2BattleOfTheBandsfinal1GoddamnBandfinal1 GoddamnBandfinal2 GoddamnBandfinal3 GoddamnBandfinal4 GoddamnBandfinal5

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