Dog Daze: Jason Feiner and Daisy


By Katie Naphas /// Features Editor and Julie Oatfield /// Staff Writer

Anyone who knows Jason Feiner knows that it’s no secret that he loves his dog. Daisy, for her part, loves to make the rounds in the office when she comes in — and there don’t seem to be any complaints from the staff. Decked out in her standard daisy-print collar and her daisy tag, Daisy (and Jason) graced us with an interview.

PL: How did you two meet?
JF: I answered an ad in the newspaper. A breeder up in Washington posted that he had a litter. So I went up and checked it out, and it was awesome. Honestly, I didn’t know a lot about rescue organizations. Y’know, I love her dearly and everything, but if there was a chance to get another dog I’d absolutely do a rescue instead. There’s Cascade Beagle Rescue, and so we volunteer at events, and contribute money when we can.

PL: This is a kinda out of the blue question, but does Daisy have a celebrity crush? Human or non-human.

JF: Well, actually, I would say she has a beagle crush. There’s this group of male models, and they were on a photo shoot in Puerto Rico or somewhere in the Caribbean. And there they found an abandoned beagle, and these guys adopted it. And now [the beagle] is on Instagram. Daisy’s also on Instagram, @QueenDaisyBeagle. So that’s one beagle crush. Another one is Uno. He won the Westminster show, probably almost ten years ago.

PL: So, she’s into the celebs. We also know she’s super into treats —

JF: Yes! That’s an understatement!

PL: — But what’s her favorite non-pet food?
JF: There’s one treat that I make for her. It’s pumpkin, peanut butter, and plain yogurt, and I freeze it in an ice cube tray. So those are awesome in the summertime when it’s really hot.

PL: Quirky taste! Does she have any other quirks, things that are particular just to her?

JF: [looks at Daisy, who squeaks] Maybe squeaking like that … ? Talking to the dolphins or something? Um, she’s just really sassy. She really is.

PL: Any political affiliations?

JF: For Daisy? I think if there’d be like a Dog Party, she’d be involved. As long as there’s a steady flow of chicken for her, that’s all that matters.

PL: We can see her being a party whip, doing the rounds and checking in with everybody.

JF: Exactly! She would definitely be the party whip. But it would be, like, beagles first. Beagle propaganda.

PL: The Daisy party! We’d vote for her. Is there anything else about Daisy you’d like to add?

JF: You know, she loves coming to campus, she loves hanging out with students. If there’s a group of students walking and they don’t come over and pay attention to her, she’ll bark at ‘em. Like, “Hello, I’m here!”

PL: So, if you see Daisy on campus, you should ….

JF: Stop and say hi!


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