A Student’s Take on the Spring Fling Cancellation

By Brady Antonelli /// Opinions Editor

There is certainly an element of mystique that accompanies the slow-motion exit out of a pearl-white limo, doves elegantly darting out behind you. Your best friends spill out behind you, dropping into perfect v-formation, accompanied by Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.”

Admittedly, that’s probably not the experience most people have at any Lewis & Clark event. The pearl-white limo was more than likely the can of sardines with wheels we call the Pioneer Express (no offense, Pio, but it gets crowded in there). Chances are, you’re one of the sardines that flop out not-so-gracefully as soon as it hisses to a stop. There are no doves and no Kanye West nor Jay Z, but your friends are behind you… somewhere.

You walk into the Crystal Ballroom and find what almost any young person regards as the essence of youth: seizure inducing lights and music loud enough to make your ears bleed. These ingredients, in massive proportions, are the ingredients to a good night. Unfortunately though, as many have rumored and more have expected, we are not going to be having a Spring Fling, so we may not get another chance to feel that school sponsored, kid-in-a-candy-shop feeling again for a while.

Although I do not personally frequent dances, and generally never have, I do see the appeal. A school sponsored event that acknowledges that the student body works almost every night until the wee-hours of the morning to keep our grades up in order to build a life. The school sponsors an event that reinforces the saying “work hard, play hard.” It’s always nice to know administration supports the latter along with the former. It will be disappointing to see this sentiment left in the past, though it is understandable why it’s necessary.

The details are a bit fuzzy because the guilty parties are still reserved a right to privacy, but the majority of the community agrees that there were several behavioral issues. Though it is obscure, there seems to be rumored allegations of misplaced vomit, police-interrupted fighting and more that a few instances of underage drinking at these dances. This made it seem as if students may have gone overboard and taken advantage of these events.

Last summer, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors received an email from Campus Activities Board outlining the sort of disrespect that was seen at last year’s Spring Fling. This chastising email was the warning, and after Fall Ball, they decided to cancel its spring sibling due to the same potential issues.

The behavioral issues were not only disconcerting to CAB, but it also added to the cost of the dances. With the cost somewhere in the ballpark of $40,000, any additional costs of these events due to damages were a bit tough to swallow, let alone the embarrassment to the school. To add to CAB’s financial restraint, their budget was reduced at the end of last year by about a third.

Whether it be financial issues or student misconduct, it seems that Spring fling is officially canceled. We will miss this sympathetic and generous sentiment from administration, but it seems as if  their hands are tied. There is also a rumor of a petting zoo as consolation, which may not be as cool as blinding lights and loud music, but llamas are pretty darn close.

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