7 Things Every Bon Student Worker Wants You To Do

By Miranda Shakes /// Staff Writer

1. Take your dishes to the dish pit.

Seems simple, right? Surprisingly, every night approximately ten complete tables leave their dishes, three of which have spilled some sort of juice, sauce, milk, and four of which came into the Bon at 6:45 p.m. and left at 7:30 p.m. If you’re going to leave your dishes out, at least leave a few dollars in tip as well.

2. Order specifically and clearly when asking for food.

If we are serving two kinds of pasta, do not tell me you want pasta. Please specify. If I ask you to repeat your order, it’s because the kitchen is incredibly loud and/or you are mumbling and looking down. Not because I hate you. Usually.

3. Don’t Tell Me You Hate The Food.

I didn’t cook it. The people who cooked it didn’t make the recipe. It’s better than Burger King. Take it or leave it.

4. If the tongs are not facing you, do not touch them.

Especially if someone is serving two feet away from you. We both know you are probably capable of reaching your own food and serving yourself, but we don’t like to take chances at the Bon (unless they’re with brownie bites inside muffins). Without servers, the average student spills a total of three pounds of rice and two bottles of sauce during their time at Lewis & Clark. So, we serve you. Also, portion control. But that’s a different story.

5. Use the tasting spoons, please.

And don’t double dip!! In front of each station there is a small container of spoons for the very purpose of trying your food before a Bon worker, or your hungry self, serves you a plateful of something you don’t actually like. The restaurant industry is full of food waste and probably always will be, but you can make the dishwashers’ lives a little easier. And who doesn’t love the dishwasher who calls out, “You’re welcome sweetie, see you tomorrow?”

6. Don’t steal inedible items.

This one’s for you, people who take mugs and then leave them on the floor of their dorm lounge. If you haven’t already noticed, the Bon’s mug supply is dwindling and many tables don’t have saltshakers. Each summer, the company buys new stock to replace items stolen by students and then left around campus. It’s a waste of money and a waste of mugs. Bring the mugs home to their mug brethren. Their families will appreciate it.

7. Just be a nice person.

I’m sorry you had to pay a lot of money for your meal plan. I had to pay for my meal plan too. If you want free meals, you should just get a job at the Bon instead of trying to sneak past the entrance (though kudos to my friends who got a girl in via suitcase). Do you think students work at the Bon because we want to be the face of a multibillion-dollar international catering agency? No! We need money to spend at Maggie’s after our flex points run out. So give us a break, will you? We’re just trying to do our jobs.

*Please note all statistics in this are made up, though the sentiment is factual!

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