Photo Gallery: Get Loud at The Rusty Nail January 30th 2015

Photos /// Lindsay Goldman

Co-Op-68 Co-Op-67 Co-Op-66 Co-Op-65 Co-Op-64 Co-Op-63 Co-Op-62 Co-Op-61 Co-Op-60 Co-Op-59 Co-Op-58 Co-Op-57 Co-Op-56 Co-Op-55 Co-Op-54 Co-Op-53 Co-Op-52 Co-Op-51 Co-Op-50 Co-Op-49 Co-Op-48 Co-Op-47 Co-Op-46 Co-Op-45 Co-Op-44 Co-Op-43 Co-Op-42 Co-Op-41 Co-Op-40 Co-Op-39 Co-Op-38 Co-Op-37 Co-Op-36 Co-Op-35 Co-Op-34 Co-Op-33 Co-Op-32 Co-Op-31 Co-Op-30 Co-Op-29 Co-Op-28 Co-Op-27 Co-Op-26 Co-Op-25 Co-Op-24 Co-Op-23 Co-Op-22 Co-Op-21 Co-Op-20 Co-Op-19 Co-Op-18 Co-Op-17 Co-Op-16 Co-Op-15 Co-Op-14 Co-Op-13 Co-Op-12 Co-Op-11 Co-Op-10 Co-Op-9 Co-Op-8 Co-Op-7 Co-Op-6 Co-Op-5 Co-Op-4 Co-Op-1Co-Op-3 Co-Op-2

The Rusty Nail opened this past Wednesday. They’re serving coffee and tea for $1, student homemade bread $1 and homemade vegan ramen $5. hours: 10:30am-12:30am Monday-Thursday, 2-midnight on Sunday.

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