LC Art Collective Transcends Bon Art

By Maddie Ticknor /// Arts Editor 

photo for art collective article

Have you noticed anything different in the Bon recently? Have your meals been significantly more enjoyable and less beige? This could possibly be a result of the LC Art Collective’s effort to beautify the campus with student art. The Collective not only works to achieve an aesthetically pleasing place to eat, but also about reigniting the fires of expression all around campus.

The Art Collective maintains that students taking responsibility for the space that we occupy while we are here, is an important part of the college experience. Putting student art in the Bon and in other locations around campus allows a relationship to be formed between student and space.

Vince Singer (‘17), member of the Art Collective, notes that opportunities of expression should not be limited to the classroom, rather should transcend the walls of academia and be found in spaces of both learning and living. Spencer Gibson (‘17), said “I think a simple matter of art installation can actually go a long way in giving the student body a sense of empowerment and control over their lives and environment.”

Singer also emphasized the good relationship between the Collective and the school’s administration. Art around campus is not a tool of resistance. It’s up to the students to take initiative and action with projects and plans—the administration wants to work with students.

Alex Brodeur (‘17), another contributor whose art can be seen in the Bon, explains how the displays are not about judging the quality of the art. It allows students to be inspired by peers and as a result come together through creative expression.
What’s next for the Collective? Students are hoping to decorate each hall in Forest with its  respective namesake. Forest residents can get involved by voting yes to the art as well as helping with design and execution! Non-Forest residents can still get involved by bringing new ideas to the table for more art around campus. If you have an idea for beautifying campus, or want to get involved with the LC Art Collective in another way, contact:,,,, or

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