Farewell to football seniors

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After their final season of LC football, the 14 football seniors reflect on their theoretical yearbook quote, fondest memories, what they wish to leave behind and their post-graduation plans.


Johnny  B

“Age is just a number!”


I can’t put a finger on one memory as being my fondest. I love being on the field and playing with my brothers every Saturday.

I hope that the others on the team will see my play on the field as an inspiration to play hard and finish what they started.

After graduation, I hope to go to Europe to play a season or two of football over there and travel when I can, before starting a career in Law Enforcement.



Patrick   Blaylock

“I am only sometimes lazy.”


My fondest memory would have to be  meeting all the guys freshman year.

I wish to leave behind the memory of me always being a comic relief.

My post grad plans include grad school for counseling.




Jake Constantino               

“That’s how it’s done, son!”


One of my fondest memories from LC Football is the freestyle song/rap we made one sunny day of my junior year.

I wish to leave behind a hardworking, never-say-die attitude.

Post-graduation, I plan to attend graduate school in pursuit of a masters degree in teaching in the hopes of becoming a high school biology teacher and football coach.


Patrick   Jackson

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”
Jimmy Johnson


My fondest memories were when we would eat dinner together during camp and we would talk and laugh about our camp practices.

I wish to leave behind my New Balance socks.

After graduation, I will hopefully find a job in the field of my major, computer science.



Spencer  Lane

“The people you surround yourself with can either help build you or help break you. Choose wisely.”  -J.J. Watt


One of my fondest memories from football was when I had my first college start sophomore year under the lights at Claremont College.

I want to leave the young players with the notion that hard work is the key to greatness. It doesn’t matter how athletic you are now; whats important is understanding how athletic you can be in the future with a hard work ethic. There is no peak to excellence.

I plan on going to graduate school to get a masters in Public Policy or Public Administration and also get a degree in Law. My ultimate goal is to work in the public sector as a prosecuting attorney.



Henry Lemus

“A positive attitude will lead to positive outcomes.”


I would say my fondest memory would be my first meeting with the team freshman year. Everyone had to introduce people and tell an interesting fact about them. When it was time for mine, I had my person say that some people call me Jesus because I look like him. As he said that I pulled to my ponytail and everyone started laughing. Since then I’ve had the nickname Jesus.

If I had anything that I could leave behind, it would be that positive attitudes bring forth positive outcomes. Meaning that when times get rough or seem just like they aren’t going your way, the best way to get over that hump or obstacle is just by being positive. Especially in a team environment, if everyone believes and has positive attitudes then good things will happen. A great example was this past weekend for homecoming. Going winless for the majority of the year is demoralizing, but we completely ignored that and asked ourselves how we wanted to be remembered on our last home game of the season. The end results weren’t what we wanted, but that was the best game we played all year by far.

My post-grad plans include heading to nursing school and starting my career in nursing in the next two years.



Zach Littlefield  

“Just Enjoy This Life”


My favorite memory was when we watched “Guy on a Buffalo” in O-Skill meetings.

I hope that the freshmen see the work that we put in, and our dedication to each other and the team

After graduation, I’m going to be joining the Army and eventually getting my masters



Ian O’ Donoghue

“Look at these grass stains. I say, if your knees aren’t green at the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life” –Calvin and Hobbs


I think one of my fondest memories was walking onto the field today for my last game and having my family there with me.

I want to leave behind a culture of hard work and dedication.

I plan to work in the mental health field for a year or two before going to medical school.



Nico Oland          



One of my fondest memories was the “7-0 night”….

I wish to leave behind homework and waking up so early everyday.

After graduation it’s time to join the real world duties and find a job.


Zac Salois             

“If it itches, scratch it.”


One of the best memories that I will carry forever was just getting to play football with a vast array of great guys throughout the years.

I would like to leave behind a legacy of hard work and dedication.  There is a long ways to go still.

My post-grad plans include trying to find a job and a hottie wife, preferably a hottie wife with a job to support me so that I can spend my time hunting, fishing and rebuilding classic cars.



Curtis Shirey

“Don’t let your desire for more take away the joy from what you already have.”


My fondest memory was scoring my first touchdown.

I want to leave behind a legacy of hard work.

After graduation, I’m going home.



Roy Taylor

“Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him” -Dwight D. Eisenhower


One of my fondest memories was freshman year, learning from all the seniors and being able to play in the conference championship game.

After graduation I hopefully will go to Ranger School and get deployed.



Andrew Traver

“The Show Goes On!”


One of my fondest memories is waking up at 5:45am to practice with my brothers.

I wish to leave behind a strong group of teammates that will raise this program.

After graduation, I’d like to continue to play football. Otherwise, I am still working on it.



Garrett  Williams

I’d have to say walking into this program as a freshman and instantly becoming a part of the LC family is my best memory here. The football team is a tight-knit family and we’d do anything for each other.

I’d like to give the younger guys an idea of what it takes in order to lead a football team, show them the work ethic that is needed in order to be successful.

I’ll either go to Physical Therapy school or look into wildlife biology after graduation.




In this celebration of the class of 2015, we also fondly remember  and honor Jacob Valdiviezo, who was taken from us on March 30, 2013.  His invaluable presence on this team and at this school will be forever cherished.


Maddie Lee is a Sports Editor at the Pioneer Log.  She plays softball at Lewis & Clark and enjoys covering the accomplishments of her fellow student-athletes.  Her articles on 2014 Summer Hoops can be found on the Seattle Storm website.


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