The OLCC is under your control

Caleb Diehl /// Editor-in-Chief

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission just won the power to control more than liquor. Now, they’ll monitor your weed as well. This time, however, you can tell the OLCC what to do.

On Tuesday, voters approved Measure 91, making Oregon the third state to legalize recreational marijuana consumption and cultivation.The measure gives regulating power to the OLCC, which will govern how marijuana is produced, tested, packaged and sold.

In preparation, OLCC Chairman Rob Patridge is drafting a new regulatory policy by gathering feedback from schools, government representatives and police. He’s promised to include the opinions of growers, sellers and representatives of the medical marijuana industry. Soon after Measure 91 passed, the OLCC was flooded with calls from Oregonians hoping to learn more about the proposed regulations.

We urge you to follow the same example. Hit up the OLCC with your concerns and feedback.

They dedicated a web site to Measure 91, and the public can send emails to To get basic information about the measure, call 503-872-6366.

The questions at stake are legion: How many people will OLCC task with regulating weed? What will Oregon’s medical marijuana program look like in the framework of the legal recreational industry? Will dispensaries licensed to sell medical marijuana be allowed to transition to recreational sales?

Patridge has said that our answers to these questions will inform how the OLCC will craft regulations that reflect “Oregon’s Way.” You can help decide which way that is, and where we’ll end up.

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