Remodeled Student Health Service Lobby, new system implemented

By John Rogers /// News Editor

If you haven’t visited the refreshed Student Health Service, get sick and check it out.
Over the summer, the Student Health Service’s lobby was remodeled, transforming the reception desk into a reception office. The Student Health Service has also ended walk-in hours this year, opting for an appointment-only system.
“[With] the walk-in clinic, students had very long wait times, which is difficult when you are sick or injured. It created a situation where there were many contagious people in the waiting room all at one time. [With the new system], students can get same day appointments by coming in or calling first thing in the morning, much like when we had walk-in clinic hours, ” Bess Austin, director of the health center, said.

For some students, however, the new system is disappointing.
“[Ending walk-in visits] is a bummer. I really valued the spontaneity that the walk-ins offered. As a junior, it’s hard making concrete commitments during the week,” Bear Aragon (’16) said.

Aside from the noticeable changes, Student Health Services is also in the process of making changes to their record system.
“As of this year, we have begun training our staff to use the electronic health record system,” Austin said.
The new system allows the center’s medical staff to work with off-campus providers more efficiently, and also gives students access to their medical records, all online.
“The electronic health record system puts us in the mainstream, keeping [us] in step with the best medical practices” Austin said.
Despite some student reservations, Austin believes the changes will work in students’ best interest.
“We’ve got a great program and we’re excited about it,” Austin said.

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