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KLC Show of the Week: Chainsmokin’ with Cade

By Lauren Achée /// Arts Editor

For Cade Miller (’18), college radio is a love affair that started long before arriving at Lewis & Clark.

“When I started touring colleges I knew that no matter what college I went to, I wanted to be part of the radio station,” Miller said.

With KLC it was love at first sight. After getting to tour KLC Radio while visiting the college, Miller said that he knew that, “I have to go here and be part of KLC radio.”

Miller’s show, affectionately dubbed “Chainsmokin’ with Cade!” after his roommate thought it would be a humorous name, focuses on a different theme each week. While this focus usually ends up being a different genre of music each week, Miller also focuses on particular decades or other more specific themes. While this interview was being conducted, the music blasting out of the in-studio speakers all fit under the theme of music to which Miller likes to dance. Artists include “Blue Monday” by New Order, “Heartbeats” by The Knife and “Tribulations” by LCD Soundsytem, all of which are played off of Miller’s gloriously clunky silver 160 gigabyte classic iPod which is currently replacing his broken laptop.

“There is something about owning the music that’s better,” Miller said in regard to playing off his iPod instead of using streaming services like Spotify.

Just as his show focuses on different genres of music, Miller’s personal music taste is just as varied, expressing an appreciation of everything from country to electronic.

“If I had to pick, the music I tend to listen to the most are rock and electronic,” Miller said. “I don’t want to say I like everything, but I like mostly everything.”

For Miller, KLC is more about the community than about how many people are listening.

“It’s something that I look forward to every Tuesday,” Miller said. “I like the solo [DJ] aspect because it’s very zen and I like being able to talk about music.”

A musician himself (Miller plays guitar and sings), music is something that is very important to him, especially the aspect of music discovery. It is this process that his show is built around.

“The other big reason that I [do] this show is that I love introducing people to new music-that’s one of my favorite things to do,” Miller said. “I hope [people who listen to my show] find new music that they haven’t listened to or wouldn’t think to listen to.”

To put it simply: “Music makes life better.”

Lauren Achée is an Arts Editor for the Pioneer Log. An English major, she likes writing about and appreciating any and all creative endeavors. Her work has appeared in The Orange County Register and on her blog, You can also find her on twitter: @laurenachee.

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