LC Style: Historical Project Runway

Don’t let pop-culture fool you, fashion goes beyond aesthetic. Models don’t have to be dumb, and designers don’t have to be petty.

By Demi Glidden /// LC Style Editor

The 3rd Annual Historical Project Runway took place this last week, combining academia, thrifty creativity, and fashion in a competition a la TLC’s Project Runway hosted by Tim Gun and Heidi Klum. Designers were given a pile of clothes, various objects and accessories, and most importantly, a historical event. Then, they were required to craft a piece with those items to represent their historical event. The designers (who sometimes doubled as models) worked under a time constraint, then their hard work was thrown on the runway in front of the judges. Below, you’ll find a few of the interesting results of that evening.

Emma Rempel (’17) models the Bauhaus Art Movement, designed by Emma Biddulph (’17) and Carlie Rowlett (’17).

Olivia Davis (’16) shows off Katrina Staff (’16) modelling a piece inspired by The Love Canal Environmental Disaster, designed by Davis and Guadalupe Triana (’17).

Matthew Bussa (’15) models Gentrification, designed by himself, Emma Post (’15), and Sophie Trauberman (’15).

Designers Miranda Shakes (’17) and John Durant (’17) explain their piece inspired by the Punic Wars, modeled by Emily Aufuldish (’17).

Julia Durst (’15) models the South African Gold Rush, designed by Molly Simon (’15) and Jesenya Maldonado (’15). This piece tied for gold with the Mexican Revolution group, pictured below.

Erina Law (’17) struts, flaunting her outfit inspired by the Mexican Revolution, designed by Kate Wackett (’17) and Emma Cranston (“17).

Lillian Tuttle (’16) works a piece drawn from the Cuban Missile Crisis, designed by Isabel Ball (’16) and Maggie Costello (’16).

Durst (of the South African Gold Rush) and Julie Oatfield (’17), modeling Marie Curie’s discovery of Uranium, wait for their chance with the judges.

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