By Lauren Achée

KLC show of the week: Top Ten

By Lauren Achée /// Arts Editor



For Olivia Owens (’16) and Bria Murry (’16), music is really all about bringing people together. Their radio show, Top Ten, is a celebration of that idea, bringing together their top ten songs under a theme that changes weekly.

It’s really nice to have an hour blocked out of the day where I get to just spend time with my friends and listen to music,” Murry said. “Actually having listeners is an added bonus.”

After listening to their friends’ shows, the duo knew that it was something they wanted to get involved in.

“It was always really fun to go into the studio with [our friends] and help them with their playlists,” Murry said. “Olivia and I decided that we should just have our own show. Olivia is my roommate, so it’s really easy to find time to plan our show together.”

These roommates definitely find music as a great bonding mechanism and enjoy that they both have such varied, yet similar, music taste.

“We play a mix of things that is sort of hard to describe,” Owens said. “But it’s kind of crunchy – we definitely enjoy a good banjo sometimes, as well as weird, alternative and experimental songs. Together we have such a random eclectic repertoire of music that is fun to have a similar enough music taste to enjoy all of it.”

This eclectic repertoire includes a wide variety of artists, but both Murry and Owens listed Alt-J, Balkan Beat Box, Tune-Yards, Peggy Sue and Thao & The Get Down Stay Down as being some of their current favorites.

“My favorite thing about Top Ten is that my favorites of the week don’t have to fit into any specific category,” Murry said. “I can play Johnny Flynn followed by Gogol Bordello and it somehow works. It also encourages me to keep looking for new music and finding new artists that I can include in our show.”

In the end, for these friends and roommates, Top Ten is an expression of their friendship.

“I love when we can play songs by bands we’ve seen together in concert and provide context to the song,” Murry said.

“We both like a lot of the same music and thought it would be fun,” Owens said. “I don’t really care about having a ton of listeners or anything but just enjoy being in the studio and using the sound board and hanging out with friends.”

Catch their show every Thursday from 5-6pm on!

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