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Photo by Demi Glidden

LC Style is featuring three of the best rooms on campus to highlight the ways students go beyond standard decoration, and make these rooms their own

By Demi Glidden /// LC Style Editor

Moving from away home, whether from Kentucky, like Lusi Lukova (‘18), or New Hampshire like Owen Ellerkamp (‘18), is a significant change for any new college student. LC has a variety of living spaces on campus that can be cultivated into homes away from home with the standard dorm room decor of twinkle lights, tapestries, and posters.


Forest: Jensen Hsiao (‘18) & Owen Ellerkamp (‘18)

“We just knew we had a similar aesthetic because we looked at each other’s Instagrams.” -Ellerkamp (left)

“I found this mason jar on campus.” -Hsiao

“I came from New Hampshire, so I couldn’t bring a lot, so I just brought a couple special things.” -Ellerkamp. Namely, this beautiful Hudson Bay woolen blanket.

“Aesthetic on point. Can you, like, be my roommate?” -Hsiao. Regarding the formation of a strong roommate bond, built on shared minimalist taste.

Howard: Ari Marshank (‘18) & Lucy Passmore (‘18)

“We do study in it a lot. I hardly ever sit at my desk. I do 100% of my homework right here actually.” -Marshank (right). Marshank and Passmore had one thing in mind before coming to college: bring lots of pillows. And with that, they have created the Pillow Pit.

““We also talked about bringing lights and tapestries.” -Marshank

“Bringing stuff that you had in your home makes it a lot more comfortable.” -Passmore

“Lana.” -Marshank

“Cats” -Passmore

Platt East: Lusi Lukova (‘18) & Alex Raphael (‘18)

“There’s three dog beds there. No shame.” Lukova (right). On the creative approach to a cozy nook beneath her lofted bed.

“I was really excited about the tibetan prayer flags.” -Raphael

“It’s kinda what we’re feeling. Like Lusi said, the posters are from home, and we have all the posters up. It’s just gradually grown to be like this.” -Raphael

 “I make it a goal to always put fresh flowers up.” -Lukova

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