Fight to the finish

Track & field seniors say goodbye

Compiled by Lauren Achée /// Sports Editor

Photos by Lacey Jacoby


“Thank you to: Coach Jennifer Smith, she took me in like on of her own, has invited me to multiple family events every year and has become part of my family.” – Raul Millan


“My thanks goes to two people, my coaches Keith and Carla. I could not have accomplished the things I’ve done without their love and guidance. We are extremely lucky to have them!” – Kaitlyn Throgmorton (on left)

“I am so impressed by the wide range of people and competitive styles I’ve encountered over my years at LC … I’ve made friendships that will last, but because every person I’ve met has helped to shape me in one way or another.”
– Maggie Gorwky (on right)


“I would say my favorite memories from the season have to be watching our underclassman start to shine. We have a very young team and it has been awesome watching them come into their own, find their spot in the family-team-unit and start to preform at high athletic levels. I could not be more excited about the future on this team.”
-Andrew LeDonne


“Favorite memory: Jarrod’s mullet. May it live on forever in our minds.” -Matt Gallagher


“Advice to younger players: Attitudes are contagious; they spread like wildfire within a person and across people. You might as well make the most of the time you have here and focus your energy into being constructive rather than destructive.” – Hannah Seibel (on left)

“The best thing about athletics is the brotherhood that is created. I have spent more time with my teams than I have with any other group of people on this campus. There is a level of trust and love that very few can understand. All of the memories we share speak to that.” -Matt DeRosa (on right)


“Favorite memory: The beautiful people.” -Marc Steiner


“Advice to younger players: In athletics, your mind is as important, if not more, than your body. Be good to it!”
-Emily Fagan


“Chin up sport, you got a long way coming.” -Jarrod Nixon

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