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How To College: Spring has arrived

By AJ Slepian /// Staff Writer

Spring has come and spread its histamine-inducing love all over campus and your windows. Sun, flowers and adorable early-morning bird-calls are all things to check off of your close-to-finals-lets-give-up checklist. If this winter was your first in the the Pacific Northwest, congratulations––you made it. If not, why are you celebrating already? You know the sun is a lie (but don’t tell the freshmen). All this outdoor glory can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, so here are some tips to get you through till May.

If it’s sunny, it’s warm!

The sun should be a good enough indicator for you to dust off those short-shorts and bro tanks and frolic on many a’lawn across campus. Don’t bother checking weather reports, just open your window and look around. Might as well burn your rain jacket now because the sun is here to stay! Even partly cloudy days should provide you just the right amount of sun to warrant those neon Ray-Bans. So go ahead: be free young flower children.

Homework is optional.

Your professor will 100 percent understand that the deadline of their two-week project coincided with the first day of sun and will pretty much guarantee you an extension once you explain what you would miss out on if you spent the afternoon holed up in Watzek. If your friends invite you to South Campus to toss around a frisbee and strum a few chords on their vintage acid-washed uke, don’t deny them your company! The library is open twenty-four hours a day and I’m sure you’ve attended every single class this semester so far, so you should have plenty to spare for a few ditch days here and there. What else is springtime for? Senioritis isn’t just for the lucky few who are graduating. Take advantage of clear skies and tanning opportunities.

Live in the moment.

It’s right around this time that you may hear a whisper traveling across campus, passed on trembling lips, of the dreaded finals week. Ignore this silly fear. April just started! Spring break is barely fading from the collective mind and parties are cropping up every day. There’s no need to stress about studying quite yet. That’s what reading days are for right? Scoff at the eggheads with their faces pushed up into their books–no one gets an A in college anyway, right? Besides, you go to a liberal arts school. A broad degree from here is much more valuable than a high GPA from one of those state schools. Come graduation, Chipotle will understand and accept you into their team with open arms.

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