Photos by Mat Barry

The Best of Portland 2014

By Zibby Pillote /// Editor-in-Chief

Spring break starts TODAY, and for those of you staying on campus, that means you have a whole week to explore the Rose City. Portland has so many things to offer: good food, great venues and about a million ways to spend your day. The following are results of a survey distributed by The Pioneer Log in hopes of finding out what Lewis & Clark kids like most about their city. Few things make sense, but this we know: Pioneers love late night diners and Thai food. We present to you: The Best of Portland 2014.

Best restaurant in Portland

1. Thai Peacock (219 SW 9th)
→ Coveniently located in downtown Portland, Thai peacock offers all the curried, noodle-y goodness you expect from such a place but with a distinct Portland twist. With fair prices and large portions, it’s no wonder this hole-in-the-wall ranks high on LC’s list.
2. Pok Pok
Honorable mention: Portland City Grill


Photos by Mat Barry
Photos by Mat Barry

Best late-night destination

1. The Roxy (1121 SW Stark)
→ A hotspot for Portland’s late-night weirdos and a tourist trap in it’s own rite, The Roxy is your quintessential late-night eatery. Stop in after a night of drinking to soak up your shame with a stack of pancakes or simply to get your omelette fix. The only drawback is their lack of milkshakes.
2. Hotcake House
Honorable mention: Cartopia

Photo by Quinn Kennelly
Photo by Quinn Kennelly

Best bar or club

1. White Owl Social Club (1305 SE 8th)
→ White Owl, brought to you by the masterminds behind Sizzle Pie, is an oft-forget jewel in industrial SE. The chic, almost over-polished bar has a great selection of beers on tap, plus tons of vegans eats alongside a killer burger menu. Stop in for happy hour and enjoy drinks by their outdoor fireplace.
2. Venue 126
Honorable mention: Aalto Lounge

Best concert venue

1. Crystal Ballroom (1332 W Burnside)
→ Nothing screams fun like shin-splints after a sold-out, sweat-infused concert. That’s what the bouncing floors at the Crystal Ballroom will earn you. The historic ballroom houses big-name bands, small festivals and even LC dances! Located in downtown Portland, the Crystal is easy to get to and usually stacks a killer schedule.
2. Mississippi Studios
Honorable mention: Roseland

Photo by Mat Barry
Photo by Mat Barry

Best place to spend the day

1. Wandering the streets
→ What’s not to love about exploring Portland’s streets? Head down the waterfront and see the world’s smallest city park. Hike across a bridge to a never-before-seen coffee shop. Stroll in and out of neighborhoods and find your dream house.
2. Portland Art Museum
Honorable mention: NW 23rd

Best place to get away (for a day)

1. Seaside, Oregon
→ Following the end of the Lewis and Clark expedition, a bunch of rogue Pioneers began to settle the Oregon coast. Seaside was one of the first towns established. Today’s version of Seaside is your typical coastal town: Arcade, bonfires, seafood and rowdy children on skateboards. Seaside is about a 90 minute drive from LC, and has more than enough to occupy you for the day.
2. Seattle, Washington
Honorable mention: Bagby hot springs

Best place to go shopping?

1. Powell’s (1005 W Burnside)
→ A must-see Portland attraction, Powell’s offers much more than books. The block-occupying shop is home to a printing press, a rare book collection and a cafe. Take your time to explore the color-coded rooms and stock up on books for school, socks, journals and other trinkets.
2. The bins
Honorable mention: House of Vintage

Photo by Quinn Kennelly
Photo by Quinn Kennelly

Best Portland guilty pleasure

1. Salt & Straw (3345 SE Division)
→ Impressing people with Portland is easy, all you have to do is take them to Salt & Straw. The ice cream shop is notorious for its eccentric flavors, handmade waffle cones and having the highest fat content allowed by law. Visit the shop on Division for the shortest line and don’t be ashamed to sample everything.
2. The Saturday Market
Honorable mention: VooDoo Donuts

Photo by Lacey Jacoby

Best brunch spot

1. Waffle Window (3610 SE Hawthorne)
→ In the heart of the Hawthorne strip sits the Waffle Window. With a variety of sweet and savory waffles, the small storefront offers the perfect portable brunch. Make sure you try the spiced apple cider, too. It’ll change your life.
2. Pine State Biscuits
Honorable mention: Jam on Hawthorne

Photo by Mat Barry
Photo by Mat Barry

Best place to meet people
1. The bar
→ Nothing screams “meet me” like one too many drinks at Tryon Creek Grill. Or, you know, a good bar somewhere in town. Portland has a large bar scene with a diverse set of establishments, so meeting people is easy. Plus, depending on where you go, you’ll meet some interesting people. For sweat bros, head to old town. For well-kept hipsters, hit Mississippi. For drunk yuppies, check Departure. Cheers.
2. Concerts
Honorable mention: Tinder

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