Photo by Lacey Jacoby

LC Remembers Tohoku

By Emma Cranston /// Features Editor

Photo by Lacey Jacoby
Photo by Lacey Jacoby

This year marked the three-year anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake, which struck Japan in March of 2011. In response to the tragedy, Lewis & Clark students and faculty members gathered in West Hall last week to pay their respects. They arrived carrying photos taken shortly after the disaster, as well as more recent photos of the country’s recovery. It was hoped that by presenting this contrast, the community could move away from mourning the past, and instead rally behind the progress Japan is currently making. In addition, the group assembled a variety of old news stories, tweets from Japanese people and personal narratives in order to create a memorial for the event. The memorial resembled a wall, and was comprised of a large number of individual responses to Tohoku, many in English, but primarily in Japanese. These responses modeled a largely hopeful air for Japan, and represented the strength of Lewis & Clark’s diverse community.

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