Humans of Lewis & Clark: Joseph Arzt (’15)

Photo by Quinn Kennelly
By Kaiya Gordon /// Features Editor
“I wish people would be less weird here and more bold. We’re timid. We are all too nice for the most part––nobody says negative things here.”
Philosophy, Studio Art
Current Project:
Painting aimed at exploring stereotypical, white masculine artists
“I just think that belief is really cool…I don’t have a lot of it, but I admire people who do.”
Sports Team:
SF 49ers
Thinks Everyone Should:
Read Dante
“My uncle promised me that next time Neil Young came to Connecticut he’d take me. I haven’t heard from him though. “
Distracted During Interview By:
Looking up old Boy Scout troop (#727) members and browsing
Gothic Cathedrals
“I’ve never been punched, but two summers ago I beat the shit out of a 17-year old. He called me a racial slur at a party. Have you ever punched anyone? It hurts. Just think about the bones your hand hits.”
Never Done on Campus: 
Gone to a science class (he’s terrified of the science buildings)
(A) Favorite Album:
“Hospice” by The Antlers (he’s listened to it over 50 times)
Scared Of:

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